Writing Proficiency Study

Carmen Werder, WIS director, and Donna Qualley, former director of the English 101 Program - both members of the Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) -  began a study in Fall 2015 to find out how WWU faculty understand and experience the university's Writing Proficiency requirement.  They are administering brief surveys as part of a visit to all departments on campus and will also be conducting faculty focus groups across various disciplinary domains and individual interviews with individual faculty teaching WP courses beginning Winter Quarter 2016.

Consultation Times

Carmen Werder, WIS Director, is available for individual, small group or departmental consultations on any topic related to writing instruction and assessment as well as to consult on expectations for Writing Proficiency courses. 

To set up an appointment contact Carmen at (360) 650-7329 or at Carmen.Werder@wwu.edu.