Writing Research Fellows

The Writing Instruction Support program, now part of Western’s Libraries, is sponsoring Writing Research Fellowships to faculty-student pairs to develop a study investigating the effectiveness of a particular writing instruction practice being used in the classroom.

Each Writing Research Fellow pair receives a modest stipend in exchange for meeting once-a-month during the academic year to consult on their evolving studies and agrees to share their resulting findings and materials. 

Faculty-student pairs publish their results both in person at professional development events on campus, during Scholars Week, and on the Writing Instruction Support website.

See examples of past studies below.

The 2014-2015 Writing Research Fellows:

Jeremy Cushman and Katie Teer (English): "Telling Stories in a Professional and Technical Communication Course"

Tara Perry and Jackie Heller (Communication Studies): "Co-authors: Faculty-student Collaborative Writers"

Megan Spiegel (English graduate student and Research and Program Manager, Graduate School): "(Re)Sequencing the Research/Writing Process in the Writing Classroom"



The 2013-2014 Writing Research Fellows:

As part of the Elon Seminar on Writing Transfer involving a cohort of 40+ scholars from across the US and other countries, Carmen Werder conducted a study titled "Telling Expectations About Academic Writing" - an article on her findings is forthcoming, Stylus 2016. Werder worked with several WWU undergraduates who helped code survey responses. 



The 2012-2013 Writing Research Fellows:

Kristin Mahoney and Kaitlyn Abrams (English): "The Use of Archival Sources in Scholary Writing"



The 2010-2011 Writing Research Fellows:

Diana Jones and Rachell Redd (Human Services): "Using Visual Imagery to Enhance Student Writing"

Kathleen Zuanich Young and Francesca Leaf (Anthropology): "The Narrating Subject: Student Reflection on Witness Narrative"

Korry Harvey (Communication) and Misa Harring (Political Science): "The Effect of Student Peer Response and Assessment on the Proficiency of Writing Traits at the College Level"



The 2009-2010 Writing Research Fellows:

Raine Dozier and Kathryn Frazier (Human Services): "Peer Review Skill Development in a Writing Proficiency Course: Can Peer Review Really Improve Writing Skills?"

Margi Fox and Jennie Jacobs (English): "Usability of Peer Review Workshops."

Ray Wolpow and Jody Bault (Secondary Education): "Analyzing Reflective Writing."

Annemarie Curd, Shanyese Trujillo, and William Lay (Education): "Efficacy of Interactive Journaling as an Undergraduate Teaching/Learning Device."



The 2008-2009 Writing Research Fellows:

Bidisha Biswas, Rosa Jiminez, and Jessica Pemble (Political Science): “Challenging What We Think We Know: Moving Beyond the Obstacles of Prior Knowledge.”

Paul Chen and Steve Walker (Political Science): “The effectiveness of revision activities on improving writing.”

Suzanne Paola and Lori Brack (English): "Student Writing and Non-traditional Writing Media and Environments."

Margi Fox and Jeanne Killgore (English): "Impact of written comments on student writing."

Jennifer Karchmer and Kate Bauer (Communication): “Exploring Reflective Journal Writing in the Classroom.”



The 2007-2008 Writing Research Fellows:

Jennifer Karchmer and Anya Nakrokhina (Communication): Journal Writing in the Classroom: Chore or Delight?

Lauren McClanahan and Molly Mullen (Secondary Ed): People, Places and Ideas: A Year-long Conversation with Rural Alaskan Students

Catherine McDonald and Amanda Hill (English): Student Literacy and the Effect of Digital Writing

Bob Mitchell and Niki Thane (Geology): Integration of technical and scientific writing into Surface-Water Hydrology (GEOL 472/572)

Julia Sapin and Robyn Rossmeisl (Art History): Blogging as a Way of Thinking

Shelby Sheppard, Jennifer Baldwin, and Gretchen Anderson (Secondary Ed): Using a Field Journal to Enhance Conceptual Understanding

Jim Stewart, Mike Greiner, Cassandra Cook (Physics): Improving Metacognitive Skills

Tara Perry, Brian Launius, andHayley Peterson (Communication): Making it Through: From Start to Finish… Faculty and Student Co-authorship Process



The 2006-2007 Writing Research Fellows:

Cher Carnell, Tracy Coskie, Derrick Mears, Matthew Miller, and Julia Sapin.

Consultation Times

Carmen Werder, WIS Director, is available for individual, small group or departmental consultations on any topic related to writing instruction and assessment as well as to consult on expectations for Writing Proficiency courses. 

To set up an appointment contact Carmen at (360) 650-7329 or at Carmen.Werder@wwu.edu.