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List of Subject Librarians
Name Title Unit Phone (360) E-mail
Adcox, Robyn Research Specialist Research Consultation 650-4897
Albans, Chad IT Specialist Library IT 650-3873
Armstrong, Jeanne Librarian for Colleges/Departments/Programs Research Consultation 650-7667
Bailey, Joanna Course Reserves/Copyright Permissions Collection Services 650-7593
Bass, David Sr. Developer for Digital Initiatives Library IT 650-7707
Becker, Michelle Manager, Circulation Services Circulation Services 650-6741
Belts, Tamara Manager, Special Collections Special Collections 650-3193
Burmeister, Nora Library/Archives Paraprofessional Circulation Services 650-2113
Cabe, Kate Scholarly Resources Analyst Collection Services 650-6740
Celec, Sandy Library/Archives Paraprofessional Collection Services 650-4084
Dillon, Jon IT Specialist Library IT 650-4959
Fast, Margaret Librarian for Colleges/Departments/Programs Research Consultation 650-3174
Fitzgerald, Julie Manager, Acquisitions Collection Services 650-3038
Furlong, Elaine Administrative Services Manager Administration 650-3050
Gossett, Gabe Librarian for Extended Education, Human Services, and International Studies | Research Consultation Head Extended Education, Research Consultation 360-650-7555
Greenberg, Mark Dean of Libraries Administration 650-3051
Hall, Leslie Library/Archives Paraprofessional Collection Services 650-3107
Haulgren, Frank Facilities & Assessment Coordinator Administration 650-7641
Helms, Kelly Assistant Director, Writing Center Writing Center (360) 650-7639
Ilic, Dubravka Library/Archives Paraprofessional Collection Services 650-2257
Joffrion, Elizabeth Director, Heritage Resources Archives & Records, Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Special Collections 650-3283
Kjesrud, Roberta Director, Writing Center Writing Center 650-4566
Koester, Rozlind Assistant Archivist for Outreach and Instruction Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Special Collections 650-6621
Kurtz, Tony Archivist/Records Manager Archives & Records 650-3124
Lopresti, Rob Librarian for Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies, Canadian-American Studies, Government Information and Maps Government Information, Map Collection, Research Consultation 650-3342
Lowery, Lesley Library/Archives Paraprofessional Collection Services, Library IT 650-4081
Madsen, Leza Faculty Chair Research Consultation 650-7583
Mallison, Connie Administrative Assistant Administration 650-3051
Mansfield, Clarissa Library Communications Manager Administration 650-3052
Marrall, Rebecca Diversity & Disability Services Librarian Research Consultation 650-4493
Marsicek, Kim Institutional Repository Manager Collection Services 650-7776
Mastor, Eric Library/Archives Paraprofessional Archives & Records, Center for Pacific Northwest Studies 650-7534
Matthews, Dennis Library/Archives Paraprofessional Collection Services, Map Collection 650-3098
Mautino, Martha Research Specialist Research Consultation 650-7208
McCool, Jennifer Library/Archives Paraprofessional Collection Services 650-4096
McNeely, Tom IT Specialist Library IT 650-3061
Moon, Pattie Dawn Library/Archives Paraprofessional Collection Services 650-3060
Oleen, Jenny Scholarly Communications Librarian Collection Services 650-2613
Olson, Mike Director, Scholarly Resources & Collection Services Collection Services 650-4320
Peterson, Andy Associate Dean of Libraries Administration, Library IT 650-3894
Pham, Toai Library/Archives Paraprofessional Collection Services 650-4045
Piper, Paul Special Collections Librarian Special Collections 650-3097
Purdue, Jeff Librarian for Colleges/Departments/Programs Research Consultation 650-7750
Rex, Kristine Library/Archives Paraprofessional Collection Services 650-4083
Richter, Wayne Asian Materials Specialist Collection Services 650-3395
Ritter, Marian Head of Music Library, Librarian for Colleges/Departments/Programs Music Library 650-3696
Sedovic, Amy Library/Archives Paraprofessional Circulation Services 650-4151
Sieh, Emma Library/Archives Paraprofessional Circulation Services 650-4109
Smith, Peter Science & Technology Librarian Research Consultation 650-3175
Sodt, Julene Research Specialist Research Consultation 650-4928
Steele, Ruth Archivist Center for Pacific Northwest Studies 650-7747
Stefany, Amy Library/Archives Paraprofessional Collection Services 650-6738
Stephan, Elizabeth Librarian for the College of Business and Economics Research Consultation 650-2061
Tag, Sylvia Librarian for Colleges/Departments/Programs Research Consultation 650-7992
Thibou, Shevell Program Manager Learning Commons 650-7368
Thomas, Bob Integrated Systems Librarian & Catalog Librarian Collection Services 650-7458
Thompson, Rachel Records Management Specialist Archives & Records 650-6654
Werder, Carmen Director, Teaching-Learning Academy/Writing Instruction Support/Learning Commons Learning Commons, Teaching-Learning Academy, Writing Instruction Support 650-7329
Weston, Michelle Library/Archives Paraprofessional Collection Services 650-4093
Williams, Meghan Library/Archives Paraprofessional Collection Services 650-7642

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