RWS Syllabus Blurb

Syllabus Blurb About the Research-Writing Studio

Below you will see information that you can copy and paste directly to your syllabus. Feel free to use as much or as little as you like.

Research-Writing Studio

The Research-Writing Studio is a vibrant, collaborative environment for students engaged in the research and writing process. At the Studio, staff are on-hand to help you realize your own potential as a scholar by providing you with feedback and strategies for every stage of the research and writing process. Use the Studio in-person at Haggard Hall (behind STC) or online at

  • Stuck in the brainstorming process? They will provide fun tips to get the ideas rolling.
  • Lost for a thesis or organizing scheme? They will help you try outlining with stickies or mapping with markers.
  • Troubled with too many, too few, or not the right sources? They will dive into databases to sleuth sources.
  • Puzzled by grammar and citations? They will help you spot and edit patterns of error and teach you to manage citations in any style.
  • Working in a group? They will provide not only space and equipment but also mediation for negotiating everyone's goals.
  • Require accommodation? They offer specialized assistance for writers with learning differences and challenges.
  • Working at home? Their services are also available online.