Non-Library Collections

Non-Library Collections

The Libraries’ searchable catalog contains all the resources available from the Western Washington University Libraries, plus selected non-Library offices and centers at WWU. Non-Library WWU offices choose to have their resources added to the Libraries’ catalog:

  • to increase the use of their resources by increasing their visibility;
  • to assist offices considering purchasing a resource by identifying where the resource is already be available.

Generally, resources are added to the Libraries’ catalog only when they are available for use by all WWU students, faculty and staff. Exceptions are sometimes made when the Libraries’ support would help a College or Department make resources available for use by a specific class or group of classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we have our resources added to the Libraries’ catalog, would the library take care of circulating them?

The Library does not provide circulation services for non-Library resources. The library only informs people that you own a resource and that they should go to your office/center if they want to use the resource. Materials can, however, be donated to the Library. Please talk with the Collection Development Librarian, Jeff Purdue - (360) 650-7750 - if you’d like to discuss transferring ownership of your resources to the Library.

Should we add faculty members’ books to the library catalog?

Generally, resources should be added to the catalog only when they’re available for use or for borrowing from a public area like a center or departmental central office. Resources should not normally be added if they are only available for a limited number of hours in a private office.

We do not want to let people borrow our resources, but they are welcome to use them in our office. Can these be added to the Libraries’ catalog?

Yes, ‘non-circulating’ resources can be added to the Libraries’ catalog. The owning office is in charge of all borrowing policies and procedures.

What WWU offices have their resources in the Libraries’ catalog?

Some of the non-Librarian collections in the catalog are:

Who should I contact about possibly adding our resources to the Libraries’ catalog?

Contact Bob Thomas at (360) 650-7458.