Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a useful tool for searching for scholarly articles across all disciplines. You may use it to do broad searches early on in the research process. As your research develops and becomes more focused, you will likely transition to more specialized databases to narrow your results and find articles from specific disciplines.


Connect to Your Library

A portion of your tuition goes towards providing access to articles and other scholarly resources. You may discover that some articles are restricted behind paywalls, but connecting Google Scholar to Western Washington University allows you to access many of them.

The visual below demonstrates how to connect Google Scholar to your library. Once you are connected, you can use the "FindIt@WWU" link to get access.


Click Settings, click Library Links, search for Western Washington University, click Save.


Find Who Cited a Source and Related

Another useful tip for using Google Scholar is to look up who has cited a source since it's publication. This can help you find additional articles that cover current and continuing research related to your topic.

The visual below demonstrates how to search "Cited by" and "Related" articles.