Citation Tips

Citation Tips

Citations help you and your readers track your research process. These tips may help you improve your citations and, ultimately, your papers. 


  • Make a list of all the sources you read or use.
  • Take clear, accurate notes that distinguish your original ideas from others. 
  • Use different colored pens to indicate content that was paraphrased from other sources versus your own original thoughts.
  • Use quotation marks when directly re-stating another person's words.
  • Write down the complete citation information for each source you have consulted. 
  • Consult the Tutoring Center and/or the Research-Writing Studio for help with note-taking. 

Citation Help

Western Libraries has online citation guides and experts who can work with you face-to-face. Stop by the Research-Writing Studio on the second floor of Haggard Hall or email to get help or a printed handout.