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Learning Commons

The Learning Commons brings together resources and programs to advance teaching and learning, online and across the physical space of Western Libraries.

Commons partners include:

The Corner - Office Hours in the Learning Commons

Faculty: Around the corner from the Info Desk is a cozy space for faculty to host office hours in the Learning Commons!

Over a cup of complimentary tea, faculty can connect with their students to discuss class-related topics. Within a hands-reach away faculty can also access the many resources and services which include print collections on teaching writing and the scholarship of teaching and learning as well as a new grant writing collection. Lockers are also available to store items for the day.

If you are interested in hosting office hours in the Learning Commons please send an email to

Each of these services focuses on a specific academic area to help all students and faculty succeed.

Integrated Academic Literacies: Research & Writing Workshop Series

Offered through the Learning Commons and co-sponsored by the Research-Writing Studio and Writing Instruction Support - this quarterly workshop series is offered to faculty teaching WWU writing courses (those designated as Writing Proficiency or GUR Communication Block C). Writing course faculty may choose one or more of the following workshops for their students and should plan to participate in the sessions, along with the Libraries/Learning Commons facilitator, and a Research-Writing Studio Assistant. These strategy-based workshops address key dimensions of doing research-based writing and span critical junctures in the inquiry-composing process:

Getting Started: Students will gain concepts and practice strategies for analyzing assignments, developing a topic, framing an inquiry question, and initiating a search for relevant sources.

Finding & Using Sources: Students will gain concepts and practices strategies for choosing and using the most appropriate sources by mapping them around a central inquiry question and related sub-questions with rhetorical purpose.

Revising & Editing: Students will gain concepts and practice revision strategies for developing and organizing ideas, as well as proofreading strategies for making appropriate stylistic choices and following appropriate conventions including those for documenting sources.

Western Libraries & Learning Commons Shared Learning Objectives

  • Inquiry – to use and value inquiry for gaining and sharing knowledge
  • Collaboration – to collaborate as respectful, productive, and ethical members of a diverse and inclusive intellectual community
  • Agency – to demonstrate a sense of agency for managing own learning

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Carmen Werder
Learning Commons Director
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Shevell Thibou
Program Coordinator
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